Betting on You (Lynn Painter)

Betting on You by Lynn Painter

Betting on You is a YA romantic comedy book by New York Times bestselling author Lynn Painter, the author of Better than the Movies.

Betting on You is a rom-com following a girl named Bailey who starts working at a waterpark and gets caught up in a bet with a co-worker.

This is also called the first book in the Betting on You series by Lynn Painter. However, it is unknown when the next book in this series will come out or how many books there will be in this series.

As per Lynn Painter’s official website, her upcoming book, Nothing Like the Movie, is the sequel to Better than the Movies.

Betting on You by Lynn Painter

TitleBetting on You
AuthorLynn Painter
GenreFiction, Romance, Young Adult, Contemporary Romance
No. Of Pages432 pages (Hardcover)
PublishersSimon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
Published In November 28, 2023

What is the story about?

Bailey and Charlie work together at a waterpark. They start as acquaintances but bond over gossip and make a bet on coworkers’ romance.

Charlie hides his crush on Bailey, and they pretend to date to disrupt her mom’s new relationship. As they spend time together, Bailey develops feelings for Charlie, but he has a secret involving a bet about her. Will they make it work?

Betting on You Age Rating and Parents Guide

Betting on You is suitable for readers aged 13 and UP and is not recommended for tweens. Here is why:


  • There are descriptions of passionate kissing between teen characters in multiple scenes.
  • There is a boy character who imagines every woman naked in the plane.
  • There are some sexual innuendo.
  • Some sexual jokes.


  • Hot and ripped are used by teens to describe others.
  • There is a frequent use of profanity and other mature language such as a**, bitch, d*ck, fu*k, f***ing, hell, sh*t, balls etc.


  • Underage drinking at parties.
  • Teens mention beer and whiskey.
  • Other adult characters also drink alcohol.

Other sensitive content

  • A lot of references to divorce.
  • Teenagers deal with the challenges of their parents’ divorce.
  • One character has stomach problems because they feel anxious, showing how stress can affect the body.
  • Another character is dealing with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

Popular Quotes

― Lynn Painter, Betting on You
― Lynn Painter, Betting on You

About the Author


Lynn Painter

Lynn Painter is a famous writer. Her book, BETTER THAN THE MOVIES, was a best seller of USA Today and the New York Times. She writes funny love stories for both teenagers and grown-ups.

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