The Summer of Broken Rules (K.L. Walther)

The Summer of Broken Rules (K.L. Walther)

The Summer of Broken Rules is a K.L. Walther’s young adult contemporary romance novel inspired by Taylor Swift music.

The Summer of Broken Rules is about loss, healing, and the sweetness of summer love.

TitleThe Summer of Broken Rules
AuthorK.L. Walther
GenreRomance, Young Adult
PublishedMay 4, 2021
Pages386 (Hardcover)
PublishersSourcebooks Fire
The Summer of Broken Rules (K.L. Walther)

What is the story about?

Meredith Fox has always treasured summers at Martha’s Vineyard with her family. But this summer is different.

It’s her first trip back since the tragic death of her sister, Claire. Still reeling from the loss, Meredith has retreated from the world.

Her upcoming cousin’s wedding and the annual Fox family game of Assassin are the perfect opportunities to reconnect with her loved ones and honor Claire’s memory.

Unexpectedly dumped by her long-term boyfriend, Meredith finds herself unexpectedly drawn to Wit, a charming groomsman.

Their alliance in the game turns into something more, and Meredith begins to feel sparks of hope for the first time in ages.

But as their connection deepens, and the stakes of the family game grow, will Meredith risk losing the game and her heart?

The Summer of Broken Rules Age Rating and Parents Guide

The Summer of Broken Rules is suitable for readers of 14 and up. Here is the content guide to learn more about age appropriate for this book.

  • Parents Guide: The book deals with themes that might be best suited for slightly older teens, including:
    • Grief and Loss: The main character is processing the recent death of her sister.
    • Mild Romance: There are age-appropriate romantic relationships, including some kissing.
    • Underage Drinking: Some scenes briefly depict teenagers consuming alcohol.

The Summer of Broken Rules Characters Guide

  • Meredith Fox: A teenage girl grappling with the death of her beloved sister, Claire. She’s cautious, introverted, and afraid to let anyone new into her life.
  • Wit: A charismatic groomsman and Meredith’s unexpected ally in the Assassin game. He’s kind, playful, and has a way of drawing Meredith out of her shell.
  • Claire (Deceased): Meredith’s older sister, whose memory casts a poignant shadow over the story. She was vibrant, outgoing, and deeply loved by Meredith.
  • The Fox Family: Meredith’s large, boisterous extended family provides warmth, humor, and a strong support system as she navigates her grief.


The book beautifully explores themes of grief, healing, first love, and the importance of family in a way that deeply resonates with young adult readers.

While the story has a delightful summer romance at its heart, it also sensitively handles complex emotions surrounding loss.

The fun and suspenseful family game provides a unique and engaging narrative element.

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