Twisted Love Book Series In Order


Coming from the New York Times bestselling author Ana Huang, Twisted Love is a romance YA book series.

Twisted Love Series is a collection of four books. The series’ first book, Twisted Love, was published in 2021, and the fourth book, Twisted Lies, was published in 2022.

In an interview, the author described the book as twisted, thrilling, addictive, unpredictable, and satisfying.

When she was asked from where she got inspired to write this book, she said, “I wanted to write a book where the relationship was an actual character. Wes and Ivy are individual characters, but together they become something else.”

She continued, “Love is also a character in the book, and how our relationships change us, define us, make us who we are. Everyone in the book has been affected by the relationships they’ve had, and they have become who they are because of them. We can’t always see this clearly in ourselves, but you can definitely see it in the characters of A Twisted Love Story.”

Twisted Love Series In Order

OrderTitleNo. of PagesPublication Date
1.Twisted Love360April 21, 2021
2.Twisted Games456 July 29, 2021
3.Twisted Hate522January 27, 2022
4.Twisted Lies530June 30, 2022

Although the above is the publishing order of the book series, you can also read them as standalone. There is no need to read them all to understand the series as it does not connect with the plot but with the characters.

Twisted Love

The first book of the series focused on the story of Alex Volkov and Ava Chen. Alex is a tough guy with a troubled past, while Ava is a carefree spirit with her own struggles. They meet when Alex is asked to watch over Ava by her brother.

Despite their differences, they fall in love. But their love is risky because it could reveal dangerous secrets. Their relationship helps them uncover truths about their pasts, but it also puts them in danger.

Still, their love shows that even broken hearts can find healing in each other. “Twisted Love” is part of a series and promises a passionate story about love, secrets, and protecting those we care about.

Twisted Games

The second book in the series focused on Bridget, the Princess of Eldora. Her regular bodyguard is on leave, and a new, less friendly replacement, Rhys, takes his place. Bridget and Rhys clash at first, but they reluctantly form a truce after a traumatic event involving their kidnapping.

After university, Bridget becomes an ambassador, and her relationship with Rhys evolves from hostile to companionable. Rhys, an ex-military with a troubled past, finds Bridget to be a surprisingly agreeable client despite their rocky start.

When Bridget’s brother unexpectedly abdicates the throne, she is faced with the prospect of becoming queen, something she never wanted.

As she prepares for her new role, her relationship with Rhys deepens, crossing professional boundaries. However, their love faces a major obstacle: the monarchy forbids the queen from marrying a commoner.

Twisted Hate

Twisted Hate is the third book in Ana Huang’s Twisted series, featuring an enemies-to-lovers romance between Jules and Josh. Jules has a troubled past, and Josh works as her caretaker in the ER.

Despite their initial banter and apparent dislike for each other, they gradually mend their relationship. Josh, feeling ashamed, seeks out Jules for another chance, leading to a deeper connection between them.

They eventually move in together and embark on a trip to New Zealand, where they bond over adventurous activities like bungee jumping.

Twisted Lies

Twisted Lies by Ana Huang tells the story of Stella Alonso, a shy social media influencer, and Christian Harper, a charming but morally ambiguous man.

Stella, overwhelmed by her busy life, finds herself seeking refuge in Christian’s home when her past resurfaces.

Despite their differences, they are drawn to each other, but their relationship is built on secrets and deception. As the truth comes to light, their love is put to the test, risking everything they’ve built together.

What is the age rating for the Twisted Love Series?

The book series is appropriate for readers of 18 years and up as the story of the books includes descriptions of domestic violence, murder, child abuse, death, kidnapping, sexual harassment, slut shaming, and violence. These topics can be sensitive for younger readers.

Let’s take a look at the main characters:

Ava Chen: Female protagonist of Twisted Love and is married to Alex Volkov with whom she shares two children, Niko and Sofia.

Alex Volkov: Male protagonist and husband of Ava Chen both shares twins Niko and Sofia.

Bridget von Ascheberg: One of the main characters in the Twisted Series. She is the wife of Rhys Larsen with whom she has a daughter Camilla von Ascheberg.

Rhys Larsen: Bridget von Ascheberg’s husband and father of Camilla von Ascheberg.

Jules Ambrose: The main character of Twisted Hate, is an attorney at Silver & Klein. She is the fiance of Josh Chen.

Josh Chen: Josh Chen is serving as the male lead in Twisted Hate. He is the brother of Ava Chen.

Stella Alonso: Protagonist of Twisted Lies Stella is the wife of Christian Harper with whom she shares a daughter named Dahlia Maura Harper.

Christian Harper: Male protagonist of Twisted Lies who is married to Stella Alonso and is a father of her daughter, Dahlia Maura Harper.

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