The Atlas Series in Order


The Atlas is a fantasy fiction novel series written by Olive Blake. The Atlas Series contains a total of three books out of which only the first book has been published yet.

The title of the second book is The Atlas Paradox, which is expected to be published on October 25th, 2022. And the title of the third book is yet to be announced.

Romance, murder, betrayal, and of course, magic, will hook lovers of dark academic and urban fantasy into this explosive series.

The Atlas Series in Order

Order Title No of Pages Date of Publication
0.5 Sacred Hospitality 31 March 1st 2022
1 The Atlas Six 383 January 31st, 2020
2 The Atlas Paradox 400 Expected publication: October 25th, 2022
The Atlas Series in Order
The Atlas Series in Order

Sacred Hospitality

Sacred Hospitality was published before The Atlas Six, and its English edition was published on January 1, 2022. Sacred Hospitality is not a part of The Atas Trilogy but it will be good to read this one before starting The Atlas Six Series.

Sacred Hospitality includes some very short scenes of the six main characters of The Atlas Six Series especially focusing on Libby and Nico. This is a short story and it is the ancient art of hospitality, defined as the sacred right of the guest and the divine duty of the host.

The Atlas Series in Order | The Atlas Series in Order | The Atlas First Book The Atlas Six
The Atlas Series in Order

The Atlas Six

The Atlas six is a book about a secret society called the Alexandrian Society. This society is made up of magic scholars who keep knowledge from ancient civilizations.

The book is the first in a trilogy and was originally published by Olive Blake in 2020.

The book was later picked up by Tor in 2021 and was revised with new illustrations by Little. The story is about six talented magicians who are selected to join the Alexandrian Society.

They will have one year to qualify for initiation, during which time they will be judged based on their contributions to various subjects of impossibility.

Only five will be initiated, and one will be eliminated. The six potential initiates will fight to survive the next year of their lives, and if they can prove themselves to be the best among their rivals, most of them will become members of the secret society.

The Atlas Series in Order | The Atlas Six Book 2, The Atlas Paradox
The Atlas Series in Order

The Atlas Paradox

The Atlas Paradox was published on October 25, 2022. The Atlas Six is guaranteed to have even more yearning backstabbing, betrayal, and chaos.


“The Atlas Paradox is the second book in a series after The Atlas Six. It’s a story about six magicians, two groups who don’t like each other, a researcher, and a man who can go into dreams.

They have to decide if they want to save the world or destroy it. This book has a lot of drama, like people wanting things really badly, betraying each other, and causing chaos.

The Alexandrians are a secret group with a lot of power, and their leader is trying to change the world in a big way.

But getting this power comes at a cost, and each person has to choose a side. Some alliances will stay strong, but some will get even worse.”

The Atlas Series Characters

The Atlas is a story about six magicians who compete to earn a spot in a highly respected magical society called the Alexandrians. The magicians are named Libby Rhodes, Nico de Varona, Reina Mori, Parisa Kamali, Callum Nova, and Tristan Caine.

They all have special magical abilities, but only five of them will be chosen to join the Alexandrians. So, the story is about their battle to prove their worth and be the best among their competitors.

About the Writer:

The Atlas Series writer Olivie Blake| The Atlas Series in Order
The Atlas Series in Order

Alexene Farol Follmuth is a writer who goes by the pen name Olivie Blake. She enjoys writing stories about fantastic, paranormal, or supernatural experiences, as well as stories that explore what it means to be human and the complexities of life and love.

Alexene stumbled upon writing after she decided to change her plans of becoming a lawyer and instead focus on her passion for fiction.

She has written several successful books under her Olivie Blake name, including the New York Times and Sunday Times bestseller The Atlas Six, which was released in 2022. She also wrote the graphic series Clara and the Devil and has published other books.

Alexene lives with her husband, rescue pit bull, and toddler, who she jokingly refers to as her goblin prince, in Los Angeles. Official Page: Olive Blake

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