River Woman, River Demon (2022)


River Woman River Demon is a spell-binding psychological thriller written by Award-winning Mexican-American and Indigenous author Jennifer Givhan under the publication banner of Blackstone Publishing.

The writer brings us an exquisitely written, spell-binding psychological thriller weaving together folk magick with personal and cultural empowerment that is perfect for fans of Mexican Gothic. The main character of the novel is Eva, a bruja who doesn’t believe in herself enough to clearly “see” the truth.

River Woman River Demon Age Rating, Parents Guide (2022 Novel)
River Woman River Demon Age Rating, Parents Guide (2022 Novel)
Title River Woman River Demon
Author Jennifer Givhan
Genre Psychological Thriller, Magic
Publication Date October 4th 2022
Publisher Blackstone Publishing
No of Pages 330
Age Rating  10 and up
Language English

River Woman River Demon Parents Guide

  • River Woman, River Demon is a crime thriller combined with Chicana brujería and curanderismo practices. This is a twisted story of passion, mental fortitude, deception, and guilt.
  • This novel tackles trauma and social inequalities within the justice system.
  • Eva sometimes drinks heavily.
  • Students bully Eva’s daughter for being fat in school.
  • The children are more mature than their age because of the neglectful irresponsible parent.
  • Discussion about racism.
  • Sex between Ema and her husband but not much descriptive A@@, erection is said at that scene.
  • There is a brief description of Cecilia’s death her cheeks swollen, her eyes empty with the glass sheen of river stones. But most sickening is the distortion of her bloody face. Nose and teeth smashed. Her mouth filled with congealed blood.
  • F@ck, a@@, b@stard and other profanity words are used.

River Woman River Demon Storyline

Eva is the main character in this psychological thriller she is a bruja but she doesn’t always believe in her power, and she struggles to mother her own children,

When Eva’s husband is accused of the murder of their best friend she has to use brujería and magick to figure out the truth and know what really happened that night on the river.

Eva Santos Moon is a Chicana artist who practices ancient spiritual practices called brujera and curanderisma. She is going through a difficult time and experiencing blackouts and creative blockages.

Her husband is a university professor who is the one who holds their family together. Unfortunately, he has been taken into custody for the murder of their friend Cecilia. Eva doesn’t know who to believe because of her background and the similarity of the death of her childhood friend.

She later comes under suspicion for the murder of her friend. Eva battles with hazy memories, self-doubt, and a horrifying worry that she might have been responsible for both murders.

Eva discovers she must use her bruja magic to protect herself and her loved ones while facing her own troubled past as she struggles to keep her family safe.

River Woman River Demon Review

How About the Writing?

Jennifer Givhan is a powerful writer who can make you feel like you are right there with the characters. She writes beautifully and uses vibrant language to create strong emotions in her readers.

In the book, when Eva starts to act a bit crazy, you can really feel her pain, anger, and sense of betrayal. Givhan’s writing is so good that you feel like you are experiencing the same emotions as the characters.

One of the most interesting parts of the book is the magic that Givhan weaves into the story. She describes it in such a way that you can believe it’s real, and it’s both fascinating and educational.

How About the Character Creation?

Eva’s complex and broken character was masterfully crafted. While the fact that she was raised by her older sister, she struggles to mother her own children and, despite being a bruja, doesn’t always believe in her ability.

Her entire life has been characterized by loss—first of her mother, then of her best friend, and then, in the wake of that catastrophe, of her reputation and social life. The strength of her marriage is put to the test when her husband is discovered with the body of their closest friend, despite the fact that he loves her and believes in everything she is and can be.

Even when filtered via Eva’s shifting perspectives, Jericho’s love for Eva is much beyond everything else and is incredibly palpable and sincere. I picture this honorable and devoted man who is guarding this wounded woman and serving as her mentor, lover, and teacher.

Then, when he was forced to address his experiences with law enforcement, it all became too tangible and real.


I really enjoyed Jenn Givhan’s exciting new book called River Woman, River Demon. What I liked the most about it was how it explained magic in a way that was easy to understand. The story was also full of suspense and kept me interested from start to finish.

The characters’ names were important, and I even liked the main character who sometimes didn’t tell the truth because she showed the challenges of mental health.

Overall, this book is a great mystery-thriller that accurately portrays how different things can affect our lives. It’s a deep and realistic story that I think you’ll enjoy too.

River Woman River Demon Characters List

  • Eva Santos Moon: She is the main character of this novel she is a Chicana artist who practices the ancient, spiritual ways of brujería and curanderisma.
  • Karma: Eva’s childhood best friend.
  • Jericho: Eva’s husband.
  • Cecilia: Eva’s new bestfriend
  • Xs: Eva’s Son Xavier and daughter Ximena
  • Alba: Eva’s Sister

About the Writer:

River Woman River Demon Age Rating, Parents Guide (2022 Novel)
River Woman River Demon Age Rating, Parents Guide (2022 Novel)

Jennifer Givhan is a poet and novelist who grew up in a small community in the Southern California desert.

Her family has connections to the indigenous peoples of New Mexico and Texas. Jennifer studied poetry at Warren Wilson College in North Carolina and earned a Master’s degree in English Literature and Creative Writing at California State University Fullerton.

She was awarded the Graduate Equity Fellowship during her studies at Fullerton. Jennifer is the author of two books, Trinity Sight and Jubilee. Official Page: Jennifer Givhan

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