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Ballard and Bosch is a mystery crime thriller novel series written by New York Times Best Selling Author Michael Connelly.

Ballard and Bosch consist of six books in the series till now. The series’ first book was The Late Show, published in 2017.

The latest book of the Ballard and Bosch series is The Waiting which is about to publish on November 5, 2024.

How many books are in Ballard and Bosch Series?

The Late Show2017
Dark Sacred Night2018
The Night Fire2019
The Dark Hours2021
Desert Star2022
The Waiting2024
Order to Read Ballard and Bosch Series

The Late Show

The Late Show is the first book of the Ballard and Bosch Series and is set in the literary universe of Harry Bosch.

The Late Show features Renee Ballard, an LAPD detective who works the night shift, or “Late Show,” in Hollywood.

Ballard is a former star detective who is now on the beat for punishment for filing a sexual harassment complaint against her supervisor.

Dark Sacred Night

This is a part of the Harry Bosch Universe and is the 21st book of the Harry Bosch series.

This is the second novel in the Ballard and Bosch series, published in 2018. This one features Renée Ballard along with Harry Bosch.

Harry Bosch is now a retired detective who will team up with LAPD Detective Renée Ballard to solve the murder of a runaway girl.

A 15-year-old Daisy Clayton is murdered and left in a dumpster on the streets of Hollywood, and Bosch and Ballard work together to find her killer.

The Night Fire

The Night Fire is the 22nd book in the Harry Bosch series and the third book in the Renée Ballard and Bosch series.

The story starts with a call to the police. Officer Ballard races to a homeless camp where something seems to be on fire.

Back at the station, Detectives Bosch and Ballard learn this case is connected to something bigger. Their old boss, Jack Thompson, was obsessed with it before he died.

The Dark Hours

23rd in the Harry Bosch series and further in Renée Ballard and Bosch series The Dark Hours was published in 2021.

The story starts when a killer who hadn’t been active for a long time suddenly strikes again on New Year’s Eve. Ballard is working her night shift when she finds herself at a street party where a car shop owner has been shot and killed.

Ballard starts looking into another murder case that hadn’t been solved before, and it turns out it was investigated by Bosch. The two detectives need to team up to find justice for the victim who didn’t deserve to die.

But they also have to be careful because the people they’re chasing are dangerous and will do anything to keep their secrets safe, even if it means killing more people.

Desert Star

Published in 2022 Desert Star is the fifth book in the Ballard and Bosch series and 24th in the Harry Bosch Universe.

This one is set in the Mojave desert. Harry Bosch and Renée Ballard work together to investigate the murder of a family by a psychopath.

The two must put aside their differences to work together, and Bosch uses the resources of the LAPD to pursue the killer.

The Waiting

The Waiting is the latest book of the series and is going to be the sixth book in the Ballard and Bosch Series released in 2024.

About the Author

Michael Connelly

Michael Connelly is a bestselling American author of detective novels and other crime fiction. Notably, his works feature LAPD Detective Hieronymus “Harry” Bosch and criminal defense attorney Mickey Haller. Connelly is a prolific writer with 40 novels and over 85 million copies sold worldwide. His books have been translated into 40 languages. He has served as executive producer for both Bosch and Bosch: Legacy TV series and The Lincoln Lawyer.

Michael Connelly
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