Michael Connelly’s New Novel ‘The Waiting’ Gets a Release Date


New York Times Best Selling Author Michael Connelly is well known for his Lincoln Lawyer Books.

Recently, the author shared the good news with his fans. His upcoming crime thriller ‘The Waithng’ which is part of theBallard and Bosch series‘ is coming on November 5, 2024.

He wrote on his social media, “THE WAITING will be released on November 5 in print, eBook, and audiobook.”

What is it about?

LAPD Detective Renée Ballard is on the hunt for a scary serial rapist who’s been hiding for years. She teams up with Officer Maddie Bosch, who’s new to the Open-Unsolved Unit.

They find a DNA match between a recently arrested man and a rapist from twenty years ago. The arrested man’s dad turns out to be the old rapist, but things get complicated when they try to arrest him.

While investigating, someone steals Ballard’s police stuff. She can’t report it because it could harm her career. So, she tries to solve the theft alone, but it gets dangerous.

Ballard seeks help from Harry Bosch, a former cop. Meanwhile, she agrees to let Maddie join her team. But Ballard soon discovers Maddie has her own reasons for wanting to help with the cases.

Michael Connelly’s New Novel ‘The Waiting’ Gets a Release Date

For more details on The Witing, you can visit Michael Connelly’s Official page.

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